Shaft RF Isolators

Shaft RF Isolator

RF isolators are simple devices that isolate the RF signal found on capacitor and roller inductor central shafts from the knobs on the front of your device. Believe it or not, some older manufactures didn't bother to place isolators between their devices and the knobs on the front panel, opting instead to use the plastic knobs on their tuners as the isolators. Our isolators are guaranteed to block RF from getting onto the knobs of your device. Each isolator contains a central plexiglas disk with aluminum end caps. Each end cap is drilled for 1/4 inch shaft.

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Geared Shaft RF Isolators

** NEW ** These new isolators combine the both the shaft rf isolator illustrated above with the proper gearing to support connecting 2 roller inductors together in a symmetric formation. The extra thick brass end caps contain double set screw mounts for retaining the isolator to the shaft. These will be used in our 3rd generation tuner.