Price List

This is the current Blue Ridge Amateur Radio price list. Note that prices are subject to changes in materials costs and that shipping is a separate charge.

  • ST-1500 Symmetric PI-Network Antenna Tuner: $800.00

  • ATU4K Remote mount, stepper motor controlled balanced L-Network: (CALL FOR PRICE)

  • Roller Inductor: $150.00

  • Roller Inductor pair with gear drives, belt and mounting hardware: $300.00

  • Air Variable Capacitor (standard size 23-300pf): $125.00

  • Vernier Reduction Drive Unit: $25.00

  • Turns Counter for roller inductor: $50.00

  • Progressive shorting wafer switch: $50.00

  • Misc knobs, shaft isolators, dial skirts: $10.00 each

All of our products were designed in house and are made in our machine shop. We use the highest quality materials for both strength and electrical
conductivity (where applicable).