The Science Behind an Antenna Tuner

Antenna Tuner Science

The following sub-pages provide a high level overview of why you might need an antenna tuner (matching network), how tuners work and an outline of the different antenna tuner networks that are available today. I've provided links to research articles and published works in each section that I have used to improve my own understanding of the subject material.

The tuner in the picture on the left is a home brew unit for operation on 160 meters. Don't laugh, this tuner has been in continuous operation for over 16 years. The components for this tuner are very large and thus the designer built the unit inside of an 8 gallon wash tub. The roller wheel is constructed of 2 quarters and 2 nickels soldered together and center drilled in order to form a wheel. Thanks to N3RMR for the picture of his world famous Wash Tub Tuner.