Vernier Reduction Drives

4.5:1 Vernier Reduction Drive with mounting flange.

Vernier Reduction Drives

Once produced by lots of different companies in various forms, vernier reduction drives have become expensive, if purchased new, and usually worn out if purchased at a swap meet.

Vernier Reduction drives are used to slow the rate of rotation for various devices, most usually air variable capacitors. Our drives have a consistent 4.5:1 gear ratio, which allows for very fine tuning of an air variable capacitor. This becomes very important when the point of resonance is extremely sharp and hard to hit.

Vernier Reduction Drive Internals

Our reduction drive design is based on the planetary gear set design. The sun gear is the center shaft and the planet gears are the ball bearings. The bearings ride on case hardened races made of stainless steel. The central shaft is also hardened to improve drive life and smoothness. Each drive is individually machined, fitted, and assembled in our shop. Nothing is farmed out to a 3rd party.

Our Vernier reduction drives are built to last forever. Each drive is completely serviceable and can be disassembled, greased, and reassembled again, easily. This might not sound like much, but most Vernier drives that can be purchased today cannot be serviced due to the use of cast aluminum parts that are designed to be crimped together once during assembly.

Second Generation Reduction Drive

Our new 2nd generation reduction drive is now available. The new drive is on the left in this picture.

The 2nd generation reduction drive is significantly shorter than the 1st generation drive, which makes it easier to install this drive in tight spaces.